As Americans move toward retirement, they are faced with many complex challenges and obstacles.  Two concerns that come up often in client meetings:

  1. The fear of running out of money
  2. What effect would a catastrophic illness have on their sustainability

​The American College conducted a quiz on basic fundamentals necessary for a successful retirement and 80% of participants failed, revealing that Americans are not as knowledgeable as they should be when preparing for retirement.  We can provide a complimentary copy of this report upon request.

Important considerations that we address with our clients:

Retirement basics, life expectancy, when to start Social Security?

  1. Medical insurance and long-term care, including questions about Medicare.
  2. Company retirement plans and IRAs, including questions about Roth IRAs.
  3. Investment basics, the types of mutual funds that have higher expenses.
  4. Strategies and solutions that offer sustainable income.
  5. What is the correct amount to hold in equities and annuities.
  6. Life insurance, do I need it?, How much? 
  7. Taxes, how to legally reduce taxes.
  8. What effect does market turbulence have on your income and lifestyle?

Our team of professionals will assist you to integrate and put all of the components together to provide the most desirable outcomes.  We encourage you to contact us and get a qualified 2nd opinion as you enter this important phase of your life!