Veterans Benefits for Health Care

Basic Information

Established in 1952, under Title 38USC, it offers a direct, tax-free monthly pension to help offset the cost of long-term care. To qualify, the recipient must be 65 years old or older, unemployable, must have an honorable or general discharge, must have served at least 90 days of active Federal duty with at least one day during an official period of conflict and must have a medical necessity requiring care, and must meet established income and asset criteria. This often overlooked benefit may be a viable option that you have not considered. 

Other Important Facts

​* Did you also know that you did not have to be in the actual conflict or war in order to qualify? 

* Did you serve at least 90 days active duty and one of those days was when the United States was in a conflict or a war?

* Did you know that this financial assistance can pay towards home-based care and assisted?

* Did you know that 37% of all applications are from surviving spouses of veterans? 

The Rules are Complex, Let us HELP!


​This has been the Veteran Administration’s best kept secret for many years and, in fact, last year alone $3.2 billion of the Aid and Attendance pension for qualified veterans went unclaimed by the very ones that gave this country the freedom and life we share today. 

Our team at Temple Financial Solutions will work to determine the full extent of your V.A. benefits. We are experienced and have been successful in qualifying veterans or their surviving spouses for the Aid & Attendance & Housebound Pension.As an advocate, my goal will be to review all available options to help you get the care you, your spouse, or your loved family member deserves.  

You fought to protect us, and so let us protect you by helping you find out how you can benefit from the VA’s best kept secret.  A big ‘thank you’ to all of the veterans who made the sacrifices for our country to provide the freedom and liberties we enjoy today. And a ‘thank you’ goes out to the spouses and families who also sacrificed when they had to share their veteran family member with us.